Conversion and lamination (coating) are among our main services, together with the sales of paper, industrial cardboard by reams, sheets or rolls, and our great variety of graphic and industrial supplies

Glossy, bond, granite, print, litho, ultra gloss, thread, copy, kromekote, mate print, chemical copy paper and other (national and imported).
Sheets, reams, spools
Industrial Cardboard
White back newsprint , sulphate bleached back, white non coated, aluminum cardboard, gray cartoon, colored cardboard, plasticized cartoon (Poly 1 face and poly 2 faces), white back white, and other (national and imported).
Sheets, reams, pallets, spools
Reams, quires (24 sheets pack) and fan folded computer forms,Letter size paper,
legal and extra legal paper.
reams, boxes
White, Manila, etc.
Corrugated, micro-corrugated and laminated; different thickness, sizes and colors.
Cartoon and Single Face Pads
Pads, package, single face rolls; different thickness, size and color shades (white, brown).
Cork Pads
Different sizes and thickness
Pads, boxes
Polystyrene Pads
Different sizes and thickness to satisfy your needs
Compressed polystyrene foam (also known as Styrofoam) pads with a paper cover on both faces or without paper cover; different sizes and thickness
Pads, boxes
Packing Paper
White, brown, and gift paper; different thickness (weight) and width, with adhesive; accessories
Reams, rolls, spools
Glues, adhesive tapes, masking tapes, standard tapes and accessories
Boxes, rolls, drums
Plastics and Resins
- Virgin and recycled plastic
- Linear Polyethylene PELLD – PELHD
- Polyethylene (PELD – PHD)
- Polypropylene (PP)
- Polystyrene (PS – PSAI)
- Pads o rolls for thermoforming:
- Blisters
- Skin pack
- Clamshell

Pads, boxes, reams, spools, rolls, 25 kg bags, 1000 kg (40 bags) pallets

A great variety of Graphic and industrial supplies for the typography, printing, lithography, book, picture framing, glass industries, offices, schools, universities, institutes, industries, businesses, consumers...


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